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Outbound Call Centre Dubai

An outbound call center is a call center where agents makes outbound calls to customers. An outbound call center is the exact opposite of an inbound call center. The operation of outbound call center include cross selling, up selling, debt collection, market research and customer satisfaction surveys.

CRM integration enables agents to consolidate customer data and quickly provide a solution. It is vitally important for an outbound contact center to have agents not spending time dialing the phone only to get an unanswered call, a hang up or voicemail; whereas this problem will be solved with FSI’s outbound call centre Dubai .

Benefits of Outbound Call Centre:

  • Enhances efficiency and compact operational expenses:   A consistent call center offers a cost-efficient interaction solution by performing many of your business’s standard responsibilities, such as client support, sales, assignment setting, and more on.


  • Sustains recent sales record: It can be applied to collect the most recent data’s and make sure that the sales record is precise.


  • Reach the clients on their agenda: With outbound call center services Dubai, clients feel more easy receiving support on their agenda as can support the clients at their ideal occasion and can operate the call to inform them about your products and services.


  • Outstanding customer service:   Nowadays customers prefer to buy products and services at their own convenience at any time of the day. Therefore, they expect the get assistance regarding the billing problems, technical support, returning the product and so on. So, a well-trained efficient call centre thrives through the competitions and builds up client retention.

To maximize the support for customers and to efficiently execute this task you can take help of four square international outbound call center solutions. Four square international provides efficient and effective outbound call handling solutions for companies to connect to their customers.

FSI’s outbound call centre Dubai offer you a range of customizable dialing modes to align with your outbound contact center needs. Our outbound solution comes with integrated CRM (customer relationship management). By utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) software the agents can tracks and manages the list of contacts they have.


How Outbound Call Centre works:

Process oriented dialing approach:

Depending upon the predetermined limits the agent’s availability will be predicted using the analytical dialer with the help of historical data such as an average time to handle a call and will be connected to agents as they are available in the queue. When a client calls, the responding device will identify the human voice, or a beep tone, and the call is connected only when it is answered by the agents.

Ensuring call back feature:

The customers would need to be reminded earlier regarding the credit card bill payments or insurance premium notifications. When the clients are notified or ensured them with a scheduled call back, they feel more valued. The automatic call dialer will place a call to customers at a predetermined time thus improve call efficiency.

Create analysis and reports:

Assisting your business strategic decisions based on data analysis will train you to make a better-informed decision. Outbound call centre is flexible to obtain various data’s such as, calls detail reports, agents’ efficiency etc. to analyze assurance on call quality and performance. These details too help the supervisors to adjust their outbound calling approach.

Features provided by Outbound Call Centre Dubai:

  • Synchronization and import/export of data.
  • Modifiable outbound caller id.
  • Recording and monitoring of calls.
  • Real time reporting.
  • Call disposition codes.
  • Call at one click.

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