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Inbound Call Centre Solution Dubai

An inbound call centre is a call center that receives calls from customers. Inbound call center are the primary touch points for customers. A customer can contact inbound call centre solution Dubai for the purpose of gaining information, resolving a query or making a complaint.

The overall brand image is shaped by how the customer services or technical support handles people calling in.

Inbound services have become very crucial in determining the success of businesses, as there is more customer queries and feedbacks today than any time before.

In fact a well operated inbound service infrastructure has become synonymous to good customer service that further leads to better customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately more business, which can be attained with the help of FSI;s inbound call centre solution Dubai.


The necessity for Inbound Call Center Solution:

Support troubled clients with an Interactive IVR:

Helps clients with customized voice prompt as responses to furthermost of their queries with a self-service IVR, without involving the agents. Helps ordered routing, dynamic IVR, queue management, customized welcome prompts, queue management. Inbound call centre solution Dubai helps you to customize your workflow according to your business needs by selecting from simple IVR to dynamic IVR.

Manage advanced number of calls:

Larger number of calls can be handled with a committed call centre. Besides, it means no call will go unanswered. As your business grows present team cannot handle large volume of calls; as it results in unanswered calls and frustrated clients. Therefore, inbound call centre solution Dubai helps in handling the situation.

Aids better client experiences:

Inbound call centre are client focused. They provide by responding to clients queries or reaching out to clients to relationships. Inbound call centre solution Dubai provides a more better-quality customer experience by directing your clients to the right agents.
Whether you manage your own call centre or choose to outsource to BPO, having the best available agent will improve clients’ experiences and fulfillment.


How inbound call centre works?

The customer service agents are the base and pillar of a business, therefore it’s essential that they know how to handle calls efficiently to attain client’s fulfillment.

FSI’s inbound call centre solution Dubai organise and deal the inbound calls with the help of IVR (interactive voice response) and thereafter either they are reassigned to the apt department or agent or sort out directly.

The major aim is to resolve the client’s issue within the first interface that is; first call resolution. The agent should hear to the client’s statement, whether it’s an issue or a query with the product, and try to resolve it. Therefore, facility agents need to have keen knowledge about the products function and strategy in order to provide a precise solution.

If the issue isn’t resolved straightaway, the follow up request need to be done efficiently via phone call or email.


How inbound calls helps to enhance your business?

This is the one of the best options you can make sure 100 % calls attended;

Automated call agent:

The IVR directs calls to the customers based on their needs which is pre-recorded. It’s basically a function that helps call transfer, call routing and further connected services.

Each and every CDR data recorded in the logs and caller audio recorded for quality analysis. Here a virtual computer attending the call and solving customer issues with the help of automated speech reorganization. Backend system is integrated with customer database for undertaking the customer queries.

Call recording:

FSI’s inbound call centre solution Dubai makes sure that; the agents and customers calls will be recorded that helps the customer service executive to listen back and keep track on agent’s performance and to offer feedback on their performance.

CRM integrations:

Inbound call centre solution Dubai setup always unified with CRM solution. It would help to increase the agent’s performance with client. When call receives to the call center automatically calling party information selected from the call logs and queries in the CRM Data base. Simultaneously it will show case customer history in agent’s dashboard.

Our inbound call Center solution Dubai makes it easy for you to:

FSI’s inbound call centre solution Dubai offers our clients; high efficiency operating environment, that ensure the best inbound call centre service system. Our services in Inbound Contact handling are based on highly skilled team members and superior technical infrastructure.

  • Manage inbound calls.
  • Control costs.
  • Setup advanced call routing.
  • Monitor agent performance.

The quality of our services owes their merit to the extensive experience that we possess in the industry. To know more about inbound call centre solution.

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