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ACD Solution Dubai

ACD or Automatic Call Distribution System in a call center system can queue and prioritize the calls and prevent missing out calls and improve customer engagement.

What is ACD?

ACD is an IP PBX system that can automatically receive and process incoming calls, and connect to an agent.

Inbound call centers who handle massive number of calls like financial institutions, customer care centers, healthcare etc. would require ACD system to handle the call efficiently.

All the calls in ACD systems will route through IVR system call flow in order to segregate the caller language and purpose.  ACD solution Dubai integration with IVR can more effectively send information from the IP PBX systems only rather than an agent explain the answer.

ACD solution Dubai helps in connecting calls to the appropriate department within the company to report the clients needs; they are the pillar of a call centre and ensures the communication process effectively.

When the caller dials ta a particular telephone number the calls will be routed to that department. Example; if the customer dials the customer relation support, they will be directed towards the customer relation department.


How ACD features adds up to your customer services:

Fundamental IVR facilities:

IVR facilities are included in most of the ACD services where the basic information about the caller and the client’s concern is being collected with the help of ACD. This supports the caller to interact with their voice or keypad.

Monitors calls and reports:

ACD solution Dubai lets supervisors to get involved in call monitoring, query resolution, define routing call limits and so on to gain understanding regarding the performance. The historical data and real time reports helps agents to get an outline on routing insight.

 Management of Numerous Call queues:

ACDs let clients to have multiple queues waiting. The clients will be notified regarding their queue position and anticipated wait time during the numerous call queue. ACD allows the caller to request for a call back when the agent is available with the help of call routing software.


Advantages of using an ACD :

Quicker response to callers:

With ACDs, calls are responded instantly and are directed to the most suitable representative. The way the calls are handled brings customer fulfillment.

In addition, those VIP callers who are recognized based on the pre-determined data are directed immediately to the appropriate agent as they are positioned as first in the queue.

Maximization of resource:

With well-organized routing of calls, agents can make use of their knowledge in resolving the troubles of a caller. The information such as time spent for a call, overall number of calls in a day will be accessed with ACD for reporting purpose that helps the agents in optimizing the resources more effectively.

FSI’s ACD solution Dubai is an healthy asset for any firm that maintain a relationship with their customers through phone calls. As they are easy to install which can result in return in investment.

Improved efficiency:

ACD software routes calls to the most apt department or agent. This make sure that the right agents are connected towards the clients which reduces call transfers and enhance the knowledge of agents. ACD on an overall increases efficiency and teamwork and permits call monitoring , conference calls etc.

How ACD work?

  • Caller identification with call center database
  • Call flow through the IVR system
  • Call queue to the relevant skill
  • Call routing to the available agent

ACD solution Dubai can be configured as intelligent system to route calls to agents. Calls can be distributed using many methods according to customer requirement. Few methods are Uniform call distribution, Most ideal Agent call distribution, Expert Agent detection and Cyclical call distribution. To know more about ACD Solutions.

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